Amy Holt

Almost a year ago, my book was published, and this past year has been just phenomenal for me as an author. I started writing my book two years ago, but soon, I realized I couldn't do this alone; I needed help. And there came help, my knight in shining armor—Amazon Publishing Portal. They started penning down my book, and from there, the journey has been stress-free.

Connor Damond

I hired Amazon Publishing Portal after I'd already published a few of my books, so I knew what to expect when working with such companies. The truth is I had a completely different experience. Their team was super diligent and thorough with every stage of the process. In fact, I can't remember any instance where they didn't deliver what they promised. Would love to work with them again!

Evelyn Stone

Amazon Publishing Portal was the first ghostwriting agency I ever worked with. As a first-timer, the start was a bit rocky, but after we had some clear communication, everything fell into place. They have a team of praiseworthy experts who don't just write flawlessly but perfect your book in every way possible. I would highly recommend working with them, especially if you're working on your first book.

Chris James

For me, working with these guys was pretty different. I had already written my manuscript, so I needed them for editing, proofreading, and the remaining services until publishing. So, unfortunately, I didn't get to experience their writing skills. But let me tell you, the rest of it was worth every penny I spent. There were times when I'd request multiple revisions, and they would happily work on them.

Melvin Johnson

I had no idea who they were; I heard about them through a friend in the industry, and she recommended I get in touch with them to write my book. I always had the brains, but writing wasn't something I was good at. So, I desperately needed a proficient team, and I hired these people. Working with them has been super smooth, and they know how to keep their clients satisfied.

Olivia Carter

Amazon Publishing Portal worked on my entire book from writing it to editing it to illustrations and finally publishing. So, I had a chance to get the complete experience of working with them. Whether it's their writers, their editors, or illustrators, their entire team is incredibly skilled and proficient. The best part is they would always be willing to cater to my revisions, regardless of the complexity.

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